UPDATE: Popular Controller Adapter Causes Unacceptable Input Lag; Breaks Your XBOX 360

By Unknown on Thursday, January 16, 2014 with 8 comments

THE USA -- Fighting Gamers and Tournament Organizers alike are up in arms following the discovery of serious and intermittent input latency while using CronusMAX™adapters during tournament play. Leaders in the community have suspected suspected these malfunctions to exist previously, but this marks the first time that criticism for this particular device has been virtually unanimous. Several players at the recent fighting game tournament Defend the North confirmed not only latency but random pausing in their matches while using this popular device.

Players have also reported that the device damages your XBOX 360, leaving them unable to recognize controllers plugged into the USB ports. FGCNN experts note that an XBOX 360 with this affliction is less worthless than a PS3 with only Divekick installed on it.

Several tournament organizers have since banned the use of these adapters during tournament play.
FGCNN experts note that these problems may surface when using the adapter on the XBOX One, and that the potentially-harmful situation could have been avoided had Microsoft included controller backward-compatibility in their console.

CronusMAX was unavailable for comment; however, a Microsoft spokesperson did reach out to let us know that these malfunctions have nothing to do with their generally unreliable hardware.

UPDATE: The CronusMAX team has released a statement on a popular gaming forum which confirms the issues discussed in this article, which then goes on to claim that their team is not the original Cronus device developers, and that the current batch of devices were purchased in bulk from the original manufacturer. Since the recent fallout, they have updated the available firmware on their devices, but also note that it is still possible to utilize button macros and other usable forms of cheating, therefore rendering it completely illegal for tournaments. Cronus also notes that a possible "Tournament Edition" adapter may be released with a new name, equipped with firmware which lacks cheating functions.


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Sue Pecora said...
January 19, 2014 at 10:27 PM

With all due respect, there's a miraculous amount of misinformation in this article.

I've personally used a Cronus since it first released, and I've never experienced random pausing during a match. That sounds like an isolated incident that may not even be related to the Cronus whatsoever. It *could* be related to the fact that extensive use of the Cronus may cause the circuit board to detach from the male USB (especially if the attached controller is causing it to move up and down frequently), in which case the pausing would be being caused by the Cronus temporarily losing connection from the console. As long as the device is used properly, however, that shouldn't happen.

The part about the Cronus damaging your Xbox 360 is also untrue. In order to use a PS3 controller on an Xbox 360, you have to authenticate the PS3 controller by putting an Xbox 360 controller into the Cronus first. If you do that, and then try to plug the *same* Xbox 360 controller into another USB port with the Cronus + PS3 controller still in the console, the Xbox 360 won't recognize it, because that Xbox 360 controller's "I.D." is already in use by the PS3 controller. It's also possible that different controllers may have matching "I.D.'s," although I don't have the resources to make an educated statement on that. If that's the case, there may be instances in which a different controller will need to be used to authenticate the Cronus so two players can play with their controller of choice. I can't comment on the allegations in the linked Twitter string, because I don't know the context of the situation. All I'm going to say is that if the console's USB ports didn't function correctly after the Cronus was removed and/or a restart, it's significantly more likely that it was a pre-existing hardware issue rather than one caused by a small USB dongle that requires very little energy.

In addition, it's worth noting that while the CronusMax features built-in mod capabilities, the Cronus itself does NOT. They are two separate devices that are easily distinguishable based on appearance alone.

Now, as for whether the device lags or not, the website itself confirmed that conversion *does* cause a very slight amount of lag for the player using the device. As for whether it causes lag for both players, on the other hand, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that that's a grossly common misconception. I've personally tested this myself, and here's a video illustrating the concept:


There's more content where that came from, although editing it has proven to be a pain, so I don't have the rest processed yet.

The only thing I'm not certain of is how the Cronus interacts with an Xbox One. I don't have one and neither does anyone I know, which makes testing things on it difficult.

If I'm wrong about anything I mentioned here, I'll happily admit I was wrong, *if* contrary evidence surfaces. However, at this moment in time, it's my belief that the majority of the negativity surrounding the Cronus can be attributed to groupthink and baseless assumptions. Does the device have its quirks? Of course. Every converter does. But to have it banned from tournaments altogether based on information gathered from Twitter posts and word of mouth alone, at least in regards to the vanilla Cronus, seems more than a little harsh to me, especially considering the fact that alternatives (particularly for pad users) are near non-existent.

Unknown said...
January 19, 2014 at 11:09 PM

Yeah having broken usb ports sure is untrue when there is documented evidence.

Unknown said...
January 30, 2014 at 7:04 AM
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