East Coast Administration Under Fire from Standing Leaders

By Unknown on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 with 0 comments

After an extended retreat to California, UMVC3 President and TOP Party Speaker Chris G returned to the East Coast with newfound criticisms and allegations directed toward the region he presides over.

While many are convinced that many of Christopher G's accusations are baseless, our fact checkers here at FGCNN have found many to be true; most notably, his claim that his constituents are "fake high school kids". FGCNN was unable to verify enrollment of of the East Coast Administration in any of the high schools in and around the Tri-state area.  FGCNN advises that, if you live in the surrounding area and see any FGC members impersonating school-goers, you immediately report them to the police.

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This compounds the trend of unrest amongst leadership figures in the FGC.   East Coast Majority Speaker Sanford Kelly recently issued a statement regarding the competitive crisis which has been prevalent on the east coast since the EVO incident which occurred earlier this year.  Sanford blamed the crisis on the infant excrement-like softness of his administration and consistent lack of voter turnout for its elections.

Leaders are in disaccord as to how best deal with free-falling stream attendance and sponsors withdrawing their endorsements.



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