SFV To Add Screaming in Ranked Matches To Prepare Players For CPT

By Unknown on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 with 11 comments


Not to be deterred by their history of doing nothing to help fix obvious problems with their products or their tournaments, Capcom announced a upcoming patch to Street Fighter V designed to help players deal with hecklers, crowd noise, and human vuvulezas at offline tournaments according to a statement given by Damon Anderson of Capcom.

The new feature, aptly named "Screaming", will simulate the typical experience for players at offline tournaments by randomly and frequently piping banshee-esque screams of various pitch, tone and intensity through the player's selected audio output. For the most accurate experience of what it's like to have your eardrums ruptured like the pros, Capcom suggests using the Pro-As-Fuck headset by Victrix, the official headset sponsor of the Capcom Pro Tour.

"We're looking to provide players with a real and jarring simulation of the offline experience; Goons screaming in your ear, from as little as a few inches away", said Mr. Anderson. "We sampled thousands of the most annoying players who are widely regarded as experts in damaging their blowholes with sideline commentary that many competitors have mistaken for air-raid sirens". This new feature will seamlessly bring the experience of hearing a broad array of screams, from the lowest setting of a deafening shrill of grown men screeching during a scramble, all the way up to the max volume possible, known as Caba.

The new Screaming option set all the way to Caba in the Sound Settings of Street Fighter V. 

The reaction from some members of the community in response to this new feature has been in support of the change. "This is the real way of playing matches", said Saul "MenaRD" Mena. "If your group doesn't have your back like that, it's not my problem. Get louder friends and set your Twitter account to private while you're at it". Mr. Mena added that he was "proud" of his friend and fellow countryman Christopher "Caba" Rodriguez for being the inspiration for Capcom "to show the world how we do it in the Dominican Republic".

Screaming will be available in English or Japanese, along with the deluxe "Spanish" option available for 40,000 FM through the game's online marketplace. "We hope to add a complete suite of localized screaming options post-launch, but given our track record of taking years to ship a complete product, I wouldn't expect much."

Thanks to our sign-language interpreter for helping in this article.

Are millenials too soft to deal with people screaming in their ears during offline tournaments? Are older players simply too hard of hearing to notice how obnoxious some of these guys are? Should Capcom enforce the rules of their own tournament for once? Let us know in the comments below!


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TiredOcean said...
April 3, 2018 at 12:51 PM

Hopefully they hired Nuki for the Japanese Screaming option

Denis C. said...
April 3, 2018 at 2:00 PM

April fools was 2 days ago my guy

Food Enjoyer said...
April 3, 2018 at 5:11 PM

I'm visually impaired so the fact that this feature is coming out I couldn't be happier. Ty Capcom.

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