Record Donations Reported At 2019's FGDQ

By Beat Goodstory on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 with 2 comments


Organizers celebrate another year of record donations for the charity event known as FGDQ or Fighting Games Die Quick - an annual gathering where players speed run the popularity of the latest fighting games, trying to obtain as much playtime and stream profitability as possible before the inevitable death of the game's player base.

Titles at this year's FGDQ include Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 and Dragonball Fighter Z. A bonus game of the dead-on-arrival Samurai Shodown will be played if the donation incentive of a ridiculously high $15 is met. Xuses, professional vulture and annual reuploader of FGDQ told FGCNN Esports Correspondent Get Goodson "If we don't make the incentive, maybe I'll use all the money I stole from others streamer's content to cover it".

Cygames VP of Marketing desperately tries to stay awake on stage while presenting a demo of Granblue Fantasy Versus to the crowd.

One event organizer has hinted at the return of FGDQ legends Justin Wong and Kelvin Jeon - 2012's record holders in the "Fastest Death of A Scene" category for Street Fighter x Tekken. "I'm not saying this Justin guy is going to show up" said FGDQ Chief Influencer @RandomNewGameCPMStreamThot, "but he reposts and faves all of my 'Black Guy Sidewalk Challenge' videos on Twitter, so it's possible."

According to FGDQ founder Adam "Keits" Heart, creator and world-record holder for the fastest dying game ever made Divekick, current total donations for the charity event is at $36, with $32 of it charged back by the East Coast scene when they found out they can't actually win the donations, which makes this year so far the largest donation amount ever for FGDQ at an impressive $4.00.

"We can't wait to present Martin "Marn" Phan with this check and finally get him back to the States. We always need a good sponsor like Team MRN to really push the limits on how to quickly kill a scene by bringing his experience in rapidly murdering a scene and his brand, thanks to his personal business ethics."

FGDQ is streamed live this entire week on


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